Oct 03, 2023

Prabhu Bank to provide financing up to 80% of purchase price of Wuling Air car

Prabhu Bank to provide financing up to 80% of purchase price of Wuling Air car

KATHMANDU:EV Nepal Motors, a subsidiary of the Bajra Group that sells and distributes Wuling Air EVs in Nepal, has partnered with Prabhu Bank.

Customers interested in purchasing the Wuling Air EV will be able to obtain a loan of up to 80% of the vehicle's worth through Prabhu Bank.

The Wuling Air EV is offered in two variants with ranges of 200 and 300 kilometers. It costs 20 lakh 99 thousand rupees and 33 lakh 99 thousand rupees.

Wuling EV, a joint venture between SAIC and GM, manufactures a variety of automobiles in Indonesia. Wuling Air EV is a well-known electric vehicle throughout the world, including Indonesia.

The Global Smart Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform serves as the foundation for the Wuling Air EV. This platform is also used by the Hong Guang Mini EV and the Baojun Kiwi EV.

The Wuling Air EV is a three-door hatchback with four seats. The electric car, which is appropriate for city driving, has a capacity of 30 kW and a range of up to 300 km thanks to its lithium iron phosphate battery.

It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and can be driven on any challenging road, uphill or downhill.

According to the company, this electric automobile, which can be controlled by a remote, can be charged at home and driven for 300 kilometers for Rs.100.

According to NK Sharad, the business's Assistant General Manager, the company is going to offer another new model, the Wuling Wingo Four Door, in the Nepali market soon.