Jun 17, 2024

NADA Auto Show 2023 has begun

NADA Auto Show 2023 has begun

KATHMANDU:The 'NADA Auto Show 2023' Kumbha Mela of auto dealers began today. The 15th edition of the NADA Auto Show has begun in the capital's Bhrikutimandap. The 120-stall show will be open until September 17. The show is expected to draw 75,000 spectators, according to organizer NADA.

This show included new automobiles such as the Hyundai Exeter, Suzuki Jimny and fronx, Tata Punch, BYD Dolphin, MG Comet, and MG-4, as well as new brands such as Seres and Skywell.

According to NADA, the passionate participation of many automobile businesses in the show in the midst of the present market recession has demonstrated the importance of such economic operations in keeping the economy going to some level.

The organizers are convinced that the show will contribute to the market's viability. Furthermore, the organizer hopes that the event, which will take place on the eve of the festival, will be eagerly attended by auto businessmen, clients, vehicle enthusiasts, and those directly and indirectly associated with automobiles.

According to organizers, the number of organizations participating in the NADA Auto Show, as well as the number of visitors, is growing year after year.

The event has roughly 120 stalls and blocks, both large and small. The event will feature well-known international brands of vehicles, lubricants, tires, and spare parts, as well as national brands of auto material makers and goods and service providers.

The show has 16 four-wheeler and 22 two-wheeler manufacturers, seven light commercial vehicle brands, nine banking institutions, and 30 lubricant, tire, battery, spare parts, and garage equipment companies.