Jul 14, 2024

Chef Pravin’s specials at Hotel Shambala

Chef Pravin’s specials at Hotel Shambala

KATHMANDU: Chef Pravin’s Specials event last Friday night left taste buds tingling and hearts full as guests were treated to a culinary extravaganza at Erma Restaurant. Foodies are expected not to miss the month-long culinary sensation at Erma Restaurant. 

With a passion for exceptional flavours, Chef Pravin captivated the audience with his innovative creations. Chef Pravin’s menu was a symphony of tastes, featuring standout dishes like the Himalayan Herbs and garlic marinated Grilled Prawns with ranch and tangy Thai dip, the Oyster Mushroom and sweet pepper stuffed Cottage Cheese Cannoli accompanied with Pomodoro and Oats Risotto.

Chef’s Mango and vanilla panna cotta dances on the taste buds, while the Tapioca and  mango pudding is an aromatic dream. Each bite was a revelation of culinary excellence. Savour the magic of flavours and artistry crafted by Chef Pravin