May 21, 2024

NIC Asia Bank Introduces Smart Audio Alert Device

NIC Asia Bank Introduces Smart Audio Alert Device

KATHMANDU:NIC Asia Bank launched a smart audio alert devices that can instantly receive payment information via QR code.

Merchants who are linked to this bank's QR code payment system will now be able to confirm payment receipts by voice using this device, in addition to SMS or email alerts when payment is received from their clients in the system.

The bank, which provides sophisticated services and facilities to its customers, stated that it launched this device with the goal of making digital banking more convenient, simple, and secure.

Based on the bank's new technology, merchants and customers will be able to receive an immediate signal that the payment was successful after completing a transaction via the QR code on the smart audio alert device.

When paying using Nepal Pay QR, this device brought by the bank in partnership with Nepal Clearing House Limited will receive spoken information, and it is planning to deliver similar information when paying through other payment networks in the near future.

The bank believes that by rapidly confirming payments based on QR codes, this devices would not only assist create credibility in digital payments among thousands of businesses and millions of customers, but will also be revolutionary in promoting digital payments in general.

Across the country, this bank has expanded 360 branch offices, 546 ATMs, 111 extended counters, and 65 branchless branch networks.