Nov 29, 2023

Everest Bank opened its 127th branch at Murali Chowk, Janakpur

Everest Bank opened its 127th branch at Murali Chowk, Janakpur

KATHMANDU:Everest Bank Limited has opened its 127th branch in Janakpur, at Murali Chowk.

Suresh Jha, ward chairman of Janakpur sub-metropolitan city-4, and Vijay Kumar Sharma, deputy chief executive officer of the bank, jointly inaugurated the branch.

Vibhuti Neupane, Regional Manager of the Bank's Madhesh Province, and other dignitaries attended the inaugural event.

During the occasion, the ward chairman, Jha, stated that the arrival of Everest Bank as the second branch in the Janakpur region at Murali Chowk will make common people's financial access easier and more accessible.

In addition, the bank's Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sharma expressed his commitment to providing cutting-edge and high-quality banking services to the residents of Murali Chowk and Janakpur, and he believes that the partnership with Punjab National Bank India will make it easier for local residents to enjoy remittances and other banking services and facilities.

In addition, the number of bank branches in Janakpur has increased to two, with 14 across Madhesh province.

The bank, which is a joint venture with Punjab National Bank of India, currently has over 1.3 million customers.

likewise, it has been delivering cutting-edge mobile, internet, and SMS banking services through its global network of 127 branches, 3 extension counters, 7 regional offices, and 162 ATMs located around the country.

This bank has also been offering services from 32 collecting locations for the Government of Nepal's revenue collection.