Oct 03, 2023

Meeting between CNI representatives and Chief Secretary

Meeting between CNI representatives and Chief Secretary

The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) and Chief Secretary Dr. Baikunth Aryal met for a discussion. On Wednesday, the CNI had a meeting led by the confederation's president, Rajesh Kumar Agarwal.

During the conversation, the president of the confederation, Agarwal, stated that the private sector's morale should be boosted in order to keep the economy operating in recession. He emphasized the importance of good budget execution, saying that new industrial zones should be fostered through public-private partnerships, and PPAs for hydropower projects should be established.

Chairman Agarwal further advocated that indigenous goods be made mandatory in consumer goods used by government and public institutions, the army, and the police in order to promote indigenous goods, and that information technology, education, health, and skill development be given high importance.

Chief Secretary Aryal stated on this occasion that he would coordinate with the relevant ministries to address the issues presented by the CNI. Aryal stated that the CNI has been making crucial economic policy recommendations and expressed confidence that they will continue to be received in the coming days.