Jun 21, 2024

Bharatpur Metropolitan to prepare for ‘‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’

Bharatpur Metropolitan to prepare for ‘‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’

BHARATPUR, July 06: An interaction program was held on Wednesday to coordinate and prepare for ‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’. It was done with the collaboration of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, the Non-Resident Nepali Association, and 60+ other major hotels. The program laid the foundation for revitalizing the tourism industry in Bharatpur and briefed the participants regarding improvements in hotel services and packaging.

Chitrasen Adhikari, Deputy Chief of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, clarified that Visit Bharatpur 2024 is simply the beginning of a series of developments in the economy and employment in Bharatpur and the whole of Nepal itself. He praised the infinite natural beauty of Bharatpur and urged focusing on tourism by utilizing the infrastructure's development. He reiterated that “the management of Human development, the quality of food, etc is our common responsibility. He also said that “various projects such as the international cricket field, the international city hall, the national highway, etc must be continued.”

Som Sapkota, the tourism coordinator of NRNA and Internationl  coordinator of visit Bharatpur 2024 , is the international coordinator of the Visit Bharatpur 2024 international coordination committee. He talked mainly about the use of the skills and resources of non-resident Nepalis to enhance the tourism sector. He talked extensively about the hotel industry in Nepal, which provides a major percentage of the GDP and employment in Nepal. He talked about attracting the most affluent and premium tourists to five-star hotels in Nepal by introducing various packages.

He focused on the fact that “the services we provide will attract tourists who visit Kathmandu and further increase the flow of tourists visiting Nepal.” He also requested that the hotels coordinate with each other to provide a variety of services. He also planned the organization of programs such as visitation programs for students in Nepal, international conventions, etc. He urged everyone to accentuate the capacity of the hotel industry and focus on health, sanitation, and cleanliness to maintain an international standard.

Hoteller Uttam Lal Chuke expressed great appreciation regarding the organization of the program. He believes that this collaborative program is a major way of alleviating the pressure and pain felt by the tourism industry due to COVID-19. He believes that “Visit Bharatpur 2024 will be a ray of hope for the industry and wishes to discuss the pinnacle that the program seeks to reach.” He believes that the six months that are left before 2024 must be used to ensure that the basic backbone is maintained to ensure the smooth functioning of the program. He urges that “simple allocation of the budget and efforts by the hotel industry alone will not be sufficient to ensure the success of the program, and it requires the cooperation of all the various businesses operating in Bharatpur, such as a joint collaboration with the health sector.”

The program was conducted in Hotel Bharatpur garden resort and was attended by other dignitaries as well, such as co-coordinator Raju Paudel, senior journalist Komal Chandra Bhagat, president of Chitwan Hotel Association Ganga Giri, tourism expert Bishwa Subedi, etc.