Jul 15, 2024

Life Member Dinner and PATA Annual Summit and Mart 2023

Life Member Dinner and PATA Annual Summit and Mart 2023

KATHMANDU, June 08:In May 2023, a grand dinner program was hosted by Mr. Basant Raj Mishra (the executive chairman of Temple Tiger Group of Companies and a Life Member of PATA) at the Sarangkot Mountain Lodge in Pokhara. The event was organized to honor Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Delegates, Board of Directors, and Nepalese Dignitaries. This special evening provided an opportunity for PATA Life members, PATA Board, and Executive Board members to connect and interact with each other in a formal setting.

The dinner program was graced by esteemed guests, including international and national-level presidents from PATA. Their presence added significant value to the event and reinforced the importance of sustainable tourism for global economic development. The guests shared their insights, emphasizing the need to prioritize sustainability within the tourism industry.

Distinguished attendees at the event included PATA International President Peter Simon, Minister of Tourism of Maldives Abdullah Masum, and tourism professors from various countries. Their active participation contributed to the vibrant and diverse discussions held throughout the summit.


PATA  Annual Summit and Mart 23 were held in collaboration with the city of Pokhara, the Government of Nepal, and the Nepal Tourism Board. The picturesque summit focused on the crucial themes of sustainable tourism and digitization. Its aim was to gather industry leaders, decision-makers, and professionals involved in the Asia Pacific region to discuss and shape the future of tourism in a sustainable and digitally-driven manner.

This was a remarkable milestone for Nepal, as the PATA Summit was held in Pokhara for the first time since the country became an international member in 1975. The event was highly successful in bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, and decision-makers from around the world. The dinner event served as a platform for fruitful exchanges of ideas, emphasizing the urgency of embracing sustainable tourism practices and leveraging digitization for the betterment of the Asia Pacific region.

The event was a testament to the dedication of the organizers and the participants toward promoting sustainable tourism practices. It highlighted the importance of responsible tourism and its impact on the global economy. The dinner and the summit were a resounding success, and they set a precedent for future events in the region. The attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to work towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry.

Overall, the dinner hosted by Mr. Basant Mishra and the PATA Annual Summit and Mart 23 was highly successful in promoting sustainable tourism practices and bringing together industry leaders from around the world. The event served as a platform for fruitful exchanges of ideas and emphasized the importance of responsible tourism for the betterment of the global economy.

Please take a moment to look at some glimpses from the dinner and the event. Wishing you inspiring travels and a future filled with sustainable adventures!