Jul 14, 2024

International social media influencers visited Nepal

International social media influencers visited Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 03:Social media influencers from various countries have visited Nepal as part of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) collaboration with USAID for corporate and competitive partnership programs for tourist promotion.

They commented that Nepal is definitely a mine of natural beauty after seeing the key tourist spots.

They visited to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Muktinath, Lumbini, Chitwan, and other places and responded that Nepal is a unique confluence of natural beauty and religious, cultural, and adventure tourism.

A workshop on how to use social media and storytelling to promote Nepal's tourism was also organized in partnership with the NTB and USAID Nepal.

The influencers' group visited Nepal's top tourism attractions after the program.

Bhajul Sajakas, partner director of Stelter under USAID, and social media influencers Keenan Murphy, Lindsey Steven, Eric Mart, and Alison Wolff published photos of Nepal on their accounts and said that the trip to Nepal was amazing while they were there.

It is anticipated that foreign tourists will grow in Nepal as a result of the promotion of Nepali tourism hotspots by international influencers.

Similarly, the NTB said that by promoting Nepal's tourism industry, this campaign will hasten the recovery of the industry from the effects of Covid-19, draw high-value tourists to Nepal, and promote prospective trade and investment links.

Nepal is a desirable location for hiking and mountain climbing, according to Karen Welch, acting mission director for USAID in Nepal. She also stated that this program will help Nepal gain more international recognition.

Dr. Dhananjaya Regmi, the Chief Executive Officer of the NTB, stated that the relationship between USAID and the business and competitive partnership program for the promotion of tourism in Nepal has been fruitful. He claimed that influencer marketing on the internet will aid in promoting tourism in Nepal.