Jul 13, 2024

Sokla Rock Climbing Festival to be held on June 1-2

Sokla Rock Climbing Festival to be held on June  1-2

KATHMANDU, May 30: The Sokla Rock Climbing Festival will be place in Dolakha's Bhimeshwar Municipality Ward No. 2. Under the auspices of the Shoklashwari Tourism Development Society, a two-day event will be conducted on June 1-2. 

The festival's preparations have entered the last stage, according to the organizers. According to the organizer, the opening program will also include a presentation showcasing local culture. 

Mountain Guide Association of Nepal President Sanjiv Gurung, Vice President and 8th time Sahagarmatha climber Pasang Bhote, and Mahachiv Ramkaji Tiwari have developed two Sokla Rock Climbing routes at the festival site. Two single pitch rock routes of 25-25 meters have been prepared.

The festival is expected to attract 250 climbers, according to the organizers. Rock climbing has been tested while studying the possibility and constructing the initial path. It is stated that rock climbing at a height of 400 meters in Bhir, Sokla, will contribute in the promotion of rural tourism in that area. The rock climbing festival is expected to cost 1 million.

Developing the notion of rural development, improving the road network, promoting rural tourism, and establishing homestays. It will also promote local self-sufficiency and organic farming.