Jun 20, 2024

Heritage conservation necessary for tourism development and identity

Heritage conservation necessary for tourism development and identity

KATHMANDU, May 26:Stakeholders emphasized that heritage protection is necessary for Nepal's tourism development and identity.

Speaking during an event held by the Nepal Heritage Association in Kathmandu, they underlined the need of everyone working together to conserve Nepal's past and the Kathmandu valley's heritage.

Chiribabu Maharjan, Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, stated during the program that it is critical to conserve the valley's tangible, intangible, and natural treasures. Mayor Maharjan expressed his concern over the current deterioration of the legacy and stated that everything should be done to protect the history for the sake of the country's identity and development. The concept of heritage is distinct from other aspects of development. This requires federal, provincial, and local governments to plan strategically. "If that is not done, there is a risk that the heritage will be lost," he said.

Ambika Shrestha, president of the Nepal Heritage Association and a senior tourism expert, stated that heritage protection requires everyone's collaborative initiative and commitment. She stated that heritage is the common property of human society and that it should be conserved and passed down to future generations.

Dharmaraj Shakya, Vice President of the Nepal Heritage Association, stated that the Heritage Association has prepared several programs to commemorate World Heritage Day and that public awareness is essential for heritage conservation.

Prakash Darnal, the association's general secretary, stated that on the occasion of the program, organizations and individuals who have contributed in many disciplines to the preservation of heritage were acknowledged.

According to Association member Vijay Pradhan, on the occasion of World Heritage Day 2023, various programs were also organized in Kathmandu on April 18, 2023 in collaboration with various organizations.