May 29, 2024

Kamirita reaches Everest Peak for 28th time

Kamirita reaches Everest Peak for 28th time

KATHMANDU, May 23 : Veteran climber Kamirita Sherpa scaled Mt Everest on Tuesday for the 28th time. He reportedly reached the summit of the world's highest peak at 9: 23 am. With this, he broke his previous record of the highest number of ascents on Mt Everest. This is his second expedition to the world's highest peak in this spring. He scaled the peak 27th time just a week ago on May 17.    

The 53-year-old climber has a record of 40 summits to the mountains above 8000 meters including Choyu (eighth time), Manaslu (three times), Lhotse and Mount K2. He celebrated his first summit to Everest on May 13, 1994. 

Likewise, Pasang Dawa Sherpa has a record of climbing the world's highest peak for the 27th time. The 46-year-old scaled Everest for the second time in this spring on May 22, equalizing the record with Kamirita.    

Now, Kamirita broke his own record by reaching the top of world for 28th time.    

In Nepal's 70-year-old expedition history, there were highest number of permits for mountain climbing in this spring. According to the Department of Tourism, 478 climbers of 44 expedition teams acquired permissions for climbing mountains in Nepal.