Jun 09, 2023

Ncell my plan: Customers can now make their own service bundled pack

Ncell my plan: Customers can now make their own service bundled pack

KATHMANDU:Ncell customers can now create their own plans and take advantage of Ncell services at lower prices! Ncell Axiata Limited announced the launch of My package on Thursday, a unique custom-based package that allows consumers to customize their voice, internet, and SMS needs.


This first-of-its-kind plan introduced targeting enterprise customers under Ncell for Business (N4B) can be easily customized via Ncell App. In My Plan, there are two options—My Plan 500 and My Plan Flexi, allowing customers to define or choose volume data, on-net and off-net voice, and SMS services.

All corporate and postpaid users can use the plan on a rental basis for the 30 days cycle. Customers based on their budget and service requirements can choose My Plan 500, which costs Rs. 500 including taxes, or My Plan Flexi which has the flexibility to define more volume of voice, data, and SMS service. In My Plan 500, customers can make a bundle of voice, data, and SMS services worth a total of Rs. 500.

That is not all; apart from the resource volumes that come with the plans, customers activating any of the plans for free are also entitled to get free 2500 minutes of on-net calls and 1000 SMS service. These resources are applicable during business hours 6 am to 6 pm.

Under the My Plan Flexi of this scheme, customers can choose any combination of voice, data, and SMS to make their own bundled pack. The more resources the customers choose the charges for service will come down. The plan price will be based on resources defined by customers. The maximum resources that a customer can choose in this plan are 200GB in data, 2500 minutes of talk time in voice, and 2500 SMS.

The plan devised considering the diverse need for communications services of corporate customers will create a huge value for them as it enables customers to set their service requirements easily and digitally through Ncell App. In the app, customers can go to the menu bar in the top-right corner, tap on the profile where they can tap on My Plan, and make their own service pack selecting the required voice, data and SMS volume.

For example, a customer can make a combination of Rs. 300 worth of data, Rs. 150 off-net and on-net calls, and Rs. 50 worth of SMS in the My Plan 500. As it is a rental service, customers need to clear the rental charge before the expiry of 30 days period to avoid restriction of outgoing calls, SMS, and no data service.

Meanwhile, if all the resources are consumed before the end of 30 days cycle, they can continue using normal service through the normal mode of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or buy the required normal pack of voice, data, and SMS service.