Apr 15, 2024

MOU between Prabhu Capital and St. Xavier's College

MOU between Prabhu Capital and St. Xavier's College

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Capital Limited and St. Xavier's College have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

On Wednesday, an agreement was reached at St. Xavier's with the goal of enhancing students' capacity by providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge of the capital market, including investment, financial planning, and risk management.

The program was signed by Ashish Gauchan, Chief Executive Officer of Prabhu Capital Limited, and Professor,Father Dr. Augustine Thomas SJ, of St. Xavier's College.

The event was attended by Prabhu Capital Limited's Chief Investment Officer Durganand Jha and Shreeya Kutu, as well as Vice-Professor Saluja Chand and Head of Management Department Maha Prasad Shrestha on behalf of St. Xavier's College.

According to the agreement, Prabhu Capital Limited will provide concessions in its services to the college's students and employees, as well as general, basic, and technical analysis knowledge related to the capital market based on the students' needs.