Jun 17, 2024

Shivapuri Dhap Dam tourist destination in Kathmandu Valley (Photo Feature)

Shivapuri Dhap Dam tourist destination in Kathmandu Valley (Photo Feature)

Hiking is popular in Shivapuri National Park. This is the most well-liked hiking area among the tourist destinations close to Kathmandu Valley.

As you can walk inside the dense forest inside the national park, it is everyone's choice. Meanwhile, another attraction has been added to this park, Shivapuri Dhap Dam, which is a large man-made lake.

Despite being man-made, the lake is quite large. Those who visit have been drawn in by the clean water.

The dhap dam is now crowded after gaining popularity on social networking sites such as Facebook and TikTok. They visit the lake frequently, especially on weekends and holidays.

This lake has now gone viral, primarily on the social media platform Tiktok. The number of people visiting the lake to watch Tiktok is growing. Dhap Dam, which was built in Gokarneshwor Municipality-1, Shivapuri Hill, is now a popular destination for domestic tourists. This dam, which was built to collect rainwater and flow it into the Bagmati River during the winter, covers an area of about 1 square kilometer. At the source of Dham is the Nagamati River. Nagamati is a Bagmati tributary. In the winter, the water collected in the lake during the summer will be discharged at a rate of 40 liters per second into the Nagamati River.

Where do we go from here?

To get to Dhap Dam, you must first go through Shivapuri-Nagarjun Park. Dhap is accessible from Kathmandu via the Chabahil-Gokarna-Sundarijal route. The distance between Chabahil and the dam is approximately 35 kilometers. Dhap is accessible from Sundarijal via the road leading to Chisapani.

There are two roads about 3 kilometers above Sundarijal. One main road (right side) leads to Chisapani, while another (left side) leads to the lake via Mulkhark (16 km).

The main road is accessible to both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, but Mulkhark is only accessible to two-wheelers. Similarly, the lake can be reached via the Chabahil-Sankhu-Jarsing Pauwa route. This route covers a total distance of 33 kilometers.

Because Dhap Dam is located within the park, an entry fee of Rs 100 per person is required. In addition, when traveling by motorcycle or scooter, one must pay Rs. 150 per vehicle and a separate fee for the individual.

Chisapani is a tourist destination located approximately 4 kilometers above the lake.