Jun 17, 2024

Kailash Helicopters enters sixth year

Kailash Helicopters enters sixth year

KATHMANDU, March 24:On Kailash Helicopters has entered its sixth year from Thursday. According to Director Pratapjung Pandey, the company, which currently operates three helicopters for commercial flight services, plans to add a fourth helicopter within the next two years.

From thursday we have entered the sixth year. We had a business plan to expand the number of helicopters by five in five years from inception. However, this plan has been pushed due to Covid-19, Pandey said, "We will expand one Helicopters in the next two years."

This company, which received a flight license from the Ministry of Tourism on May 5, 2017, started its service on March 23, 2018. This company currently provides flight services using three Airbus AS350B3 series helicopters. With the expansion of one helicopter, the company will have four helicopters.

The company has been providing its services in various fields including passenger charter, cargo, sealing, film.