Jun 21, 2024

Meghauli Airport to being upgraded

Meghauli Airport to being upgraded

CHITWAN, March 22: Meghauli Airport will be upgraded. The airport's improvement has begun with the 'graveling' of the grassy runway and the installation of a wire fence.

Tenders have been invited to complete the work within six months, according to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) engineer Nalvikram Thapa. The runway will be kept in good condition by laying gravel. Similarly, the wire fencing will be organized.

The runway is currently littered with grass and potholes, making takeoff and landing difficult. The airport's barbed wire has been broken in places, the poles have fallen down, and people and animals are getting in, causing insecurity.

According to him, approximately 15 million rupees will be upgraded. For several years, the Bharatpur Metropolitan Corporation has been requesting CAAN to upgrade the airport.

The Meghauli Airport has been closed since 2067, when the government implemented a policy prohibiting hotels from operating within Chitwan National Park. There have been sporadic flights at the airport since then, but no regular flights. The airport has been used for training by the Nepali Army.After the establishment of the airport in 2017, planes were flying to bring guests to Tigertops Jungle Lodge inside the park.

There is evidence that up to ten planes used to take off from Meghauli Airport in the past. Meghauli Airport, located 24 kilometers west of Bharatpur, is spread across 23 bighas of land. The grass runway at the airport is 1,65 meters long. After flying from Kathmandu, the plane arrives in Meghauli in about 30 minutes. Meghauli is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. Tourists can easily access Chitwan National Park from here.