Apr 02, 2023

CAAN to issues airport sanitation service guidelines

CAAN to issues airport sanitation service guidelines

KATHMANDU, March 16: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) will issue Airport Sanitation Directive 2079.

The CAAN's 410th board meeting decided to issue directives to keep the cleaning work at various international and domestic airports under the CAAN going. The CAAN board is currently reviewing the guidelines developed in response to the meeting's decision.

On February 28, a committee was formed to issue the Airport Sanitation Service Guide, which covers the physical condition of all airports, the condition of human resources, the number of passengers studied, the mobilization of financial resources, and so on.

The guidelines were prepared by the committee and submitted to the CAAN's director general, Engineer Pradeep Adhikari. The Director General announced that the Airport Sanitation Service Directory would be published for the first time.

The committee has prepared guidelines, which will be approved at the upcoming board meeting, according to the official. The airport offices have specified the work to be done for airport cleanliness in the directive. Previously, a budget was sent for the improvement of all airports, but it was not implemented. The CAAN is about to issue guidelines stating that concrete results can be obtained by managing the same budget scientifically.

According to a member of the committee preparing the sanitation service directory, the committee will issue a guideline to maximize the use of sanitation manpower and equipment by scheduling the work that is already being done.