Jun 23, 2024

Annapurna trekking route kicks off tourist activities

Annapurna trekking route kicks off tourist activities

KATHMANDU, March 16: The tourist area has reopened following this year's unseasonal snowfall in the Himalayan district of Manang.

Despite the fact that many tourists came to play in the snow in previous years, there was no snowfall this year. In the absence of snowfall, there was a decrease in the number of tourists who came to touch and play in the snow. However, as the spring season has begun, the number of tourists has increased due to snowfall. The Annapurna trail is becoming congested as a result of tourist traffic.

Manang, which is usually deserted during the off-season, now appears to be flooded with foreign tourists. Although there is a risk to hiking in the event of snowfall, there is no such risk this year. Tourists can now walk freely because there is no danger. The number of tourists hiking from Besisahar in Lamjung under the footpath has increased, according to the Annapurna Conservation Area Project Office in Manang.

The number of tourists in Manang has increased since the start of the season, according to Lekhnath Gautam, the cheif of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. Every day, more than 50 tourists, he claims, have begun to arrive in Manang. Tourists from 42 countries arrived in early 2023.

He stated that 318 citizens from 42 countries applied for entry permits to visit Manang in the first month of January 2023. According to him, the maximum number of 69 South Korean citizens visited Manang in January. "It will be cold and snowy here, especially in the winter, but it did not fall this year. In the winter, tourists will flock to play in the snow. Tourists began to arrive in Manang after the season began "Gautam stated.

According to him, tourists from South Korea have arrived in Manang to celebrate the New Year. He claims that Korean citizens live in colder climates than we do, which is why more tourists visit Korea during the winter.

He claims that due to a lack of snowfall, tourists flock to places like Thorangla Bhanjyang Katne and Tilicho Lake in the first month of the year. "We permit foreign tourists to visit Tilicho Lake and Thorangla Pass. "Because this route is dangerous, we also provide information," Gautam explained.