Apr 02, 2023

Vivanta Kathmandu hotel, earned 22 crores

Vivanta Kathmandu hotel, earned 22 crores

KATHMANDU, March 15: Profits at the Vivanta Kathmandu Hotel have increased significantly in tandem with revenue.

Since its inception, the hotel has had the highest operating income and profit.

In the previous fiscal year, the hotel, which has been open since January 2019, earned more than 220 million.

The hotel, which earned 80 million rupees in fiscal year 2075/076, earned 17 million rupees in fiscal year 2076/077. The impact of the covid pandemic reduced operating income to Rs 9 crore in 077/078.

The profit of the company has increased as the number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased.

The company, which suffered a loss of 8.7 percent in 2077/078, has increased its profit by 31.6 percent. Profit excluding tax, interest, depreciation is 31 percent.

R&R Hotel & Resort Pvt Ltd is operating the Vivanta. Indian Hotels Company Limited manages the hotel.

The Chaudhary Group owns 75% of the hotel, while Ravibhakt Shrestha's NE Group owns 25%.