Apr 15, 2024

Traditional Chaitedashain fair at Kalika temple from March 27

Traditional Chaitedashain fair at Kalika temple from March 27

BAGLUNG, March 15: On the occasion of Chaite Dashain, a large fair is held in Baglung's famous Kalika temple. This year's Chaitrashtami fair, one of Nepal's most important fairs, begins on March 27th.

According to the Baglung Kalika Bhagwati Guthi Management Committee, the fair will be held every year on the occasion of Chaite Dashain in the premises of Baglung Kalika Bhagwati Temple, a popular religious tourist destination, from March 27th to 31st. The fair will feature sports and cultural activities, according to the committee's chairman, Kumar Khadka.

"Volleyball, national lokdohari, folk song competition, and chelo throwing competition have all been organized in the fair this year," he said. The fair's goal is to promote art and culture while upholding tradition. The Guthi Management Committee has recently organized and run the fair. The fair, according to Chairman Khadka, is being organized to promote tourism, preserve culture, promote local products, and continue traditions.

The fair has its own significance and history. According to temple records, when Pratapinarayan Malla, the king of the PARBAT, married the princess of Palpa, he placed the dowry statue of Kalika in the middle of the dense forest, but when he tried to raise it, it was established in the same place and worshiped.

Household sponsorship materials such as Dala, Nangla, and Theki are purchased at the Chaite Dashain fair. During Chaite Dashain, devotees from all over the country and even India flock to Baglung Kalika temple.