Jun 20, 2024

Business Summit's title sponsor is World Link Communications

Business Summit's title sponsor is World Link Communications

KATHMANDU:The Nepal Business Summit 2023 will be title sponsored by World Link Communication. World Link has joined forces with the Government of Nepal, the Confederation of Banks and Financial Institutions Nepal, and the Nepal Business Institute to host a business summit in the second week of Baisakh.

In the summit, which will be organized in an international format with the main slogan of 'Current Economic Scenario and Roadmap to Prosperity,' national and international speakers will present their reports on the latest economic situation in the financial and banking sector, the telecommunication sector, and the Digital Nepal Framework.

Manoj Agarwal, director of World Link, and Vishal Gaire, executive chairman of Nepal Business Institute, signed the title sponsor signing program at World Link's Jawalakhel office.

Manoj Agarwal, the owner of World Link, announced at the signing event that, because economic development with digital technology is the main foundation of prosperity, he has partnered in the business summit for entrepreneurship and business promotion.

Similarly, on behalf of the Nepal Business Institute, Executive President Vishal Gayre, who is also the coordinator of the conference's main organizing committee, stated that the summit will protect large industries, encourage small, medium, and start-up enterprises, identify new areas of investment, and expand investment in productive, job-creating, export sectors, to which entrepreneurs and businessmen have been flocking. He stated that the goal is to attract more investment by resolving policy and practical issues, to promote exports, and to assist in the development of a self-sufficient economy through partnership and investment.

The summit will aid in increasing domestic production, promoting consumption and export, creating job opportunities, expanding investment by identifying potential areas of investment, attracting youth and women to enterprises/businesses, and increasing investment in innovative sectors through the upgrading of domestic, small and medium-sized industries, banks, and financial institutions. It is also expected that a high level of networking will occur by expanding the relationship between the three levels of government, the private sector, and the diplomatic mission for the sector's long-term promotion.

A major policy dialogue will be held at the summit, with senior officials from Nepal's government and subordinate agencies, senior politicians, experts, and high officials from diplomatic missions and international donor organizations all taking part.