Jun 20, 2024

44th tourist police day concluded

44th tourist police day concluded

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Culture Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kiranti has said that the government has taken the lack of resources and means in the Nepal Tourist Police seriously. Speaking on the occasion of the 44th Police Tourists' Day, Minister Kiranti said that the government will address the shortages, weaknesses and problems faced by the tourist police in the near future. Mentioning that while the government is bringing in policies and action plans to bring in 2 million tourists, it is not possible without the safety of tourists, for this it is the responsibility of the state to provide facilities to the tourist police and he has expressed his commitment to complete it.

Similarly, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nepal Tourism Board, Dhananjay Regmi, has said that there is a great need for the tourist police in the tourism sector as the tourists can feel safe and secure with the presence of the tourist police. He mentioned that due to the effective work of the tourist police of Nepal, the tourist police is famous worldwide and said that the board is always ready to facilitate their needs.

In the program, Deputy Superintendent of Police Sugandh Shrestha said that there is a problem because the Tourist Police, which has always been working as a safe tourist country in the world, does not have its own building. In addition, he advised the government to take seriously the problems faced by the tourist police as there is a lack of vehicles for the tourist police and safe houses to facilitate the tourists.

The tourist police unit formed to make the stay of tourists safe and dignified has a total of 28 offices, 10 inside the valley and 18 outside.