Jun 21, 2024

Sita Air conducts test flight at Tarigaon Airport

Sita Air conducts test flight at Tarigaon Airport

DANG, Jan 27: Sita Air's 19 Seater (9N-AJH) Dornier plane has taken its first flight at Tarigaon Airport in Tulsipur, Dang. The first flight from Kathmandu to Dang took place at Tarigaon airport around 1:30 on Friday. Along with the first test flight, Sita air has prepared for regular flight. One flight per week is planned on the Dang-Kathmandu route.

Rajendra Bahadur Singh, Managing Director of Sita Air, said that the flight will be regularized only after the detailed test report on the issues of comfort and discomfort. He informed us that commercial flights will start within a week to 10 days. He said that there is a plan to start by flying one day a week and increase the flight schedule and time according to the demand of the passengers.

Rabindra Dangol, the pilot of the plane, said that if the runway is extended, it will be easier to take off and land.  At this airport, a Twin Otter plane of Nepal Airlines Corporation is currently flying to Tulsipur 4 days a week. There are flights here on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The minimum fare for Dang-Kathmandu is 8 thousand 810 rupees and the minimum fare for Kathmandu-Dang is 9 thousand 10 rupees. There is a runway of 750 meters length and 30 meters width.