Jul 15, 2024

Tourist police improves tourist vehicle management

Tourist police improves tourist vehicle management

KATHMANDU, Dec 14:Being a popular tourist destination, Nepal has specific vehicles designated for tourists. The vehicles with a green number plate and white letters are such vehicles. The constitution also has specific laws regarding the management of tourist vehicles. 

The main issue for tourism is traffic jams, specifically in popular tourist destinations. This not only prevents the tourists from visiting a maximum amount of places, hence reducing their expenditure and enjoyment. It also paints a negative image of Nepal which may cause the tourists to cut their trip short, or give a bad review regarding the viability of tourism in Nepal in their social circles. 


In order to solve this issue, the tourism police has begun its operation from Bhrikutimandap. Chief inspector of Tourism Police Chandra Kishor Shah has organized a committee with the members being the incharges of Thamel, Boudha and Pasupati area, which plans on cooperating with Nepal Tourist Vehicle Association in order to ascertain solutions to solve the problem of traffic jams.