Jul 14, 2024

Prabhu Capital launches remittance demat account

Prabhu Capital launches remittance demat account

KATHMANDU, Dec 03: Prabhu Capital has launched a remittance demat account.

Prabhu Capital has launched remittance demat account for the purpose of providing free demat account and my share for 1 year to the people who are employed abroad and who are going to go abroad and their family members.

The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has issued a provision that when companies issue IPOs in the future, 10 percent of the issued shares must be allocated separately to Nepali citizens who are employed abroad after obtaining work permits from the relevant government agencies.

According to Capital, for the Demat application to be included in this plan, customers will have to attach proof of approval from the relevant agency for foreign employment. In the case of family members, proof of relationship is required while filling the Demat application.

In this scheme, a free demat account and Mere share online service will be provided for 1 year. Free demat account and my share account will be opened for 1 year free of charge for the employee beneficiaries along with their family members, and online demat account can be opened immediately through video KYC.

Demat account opening service can be obtained from Prabhu Capital's website and mobile app. Similarly, there is a 50 percent discount on the annual fee for investment management services