Jun 17, 2024

Hotel Yak and Yeti hosts Wish Tree and Gingerbread House Decorations

Hotel Yak and Yeti  hosts  Wish Tree and Gingerbread House Decorations

KATHMANDU, Dec 02: Yak and Yeti hotel inaugurated its annual event of the Wish Tree at its lobby on Friday, 2nd November. It’s a token of goodwill by the hotel management committee where they collected wishes from underprivileged children and fulfil them a few days after Christmas. This time the wishes were from 50 children of the Joint Disabled Unity Awaz Center of Gokarna.

The wishes are hung up on a Christmas tree where any visitors and guests can pick them up and fulfil the wishes as well. Any wishes left will be fulfilled by the hotel. The wishes by the precious children were mostly about study materials which is admirable. The hotel plans on holding an event for the Wish-giving ceremony and Christmas as well. 

After that, the hotel also held a gingerbread house decorations competition in Madhuban Garden. The top three contestants were announced as well. The houses were intricately made and the hotel management team stated that they would also be used for charitable purposes. Prominent individuals such as Pawana Shrestha, Baba Sarkar Shrestha, Rupy Singh, Pratima Pandey along with people representing various foreign diplomatic organizations, NGOs and INGOs were present there.

Yak and Yeti hotel is the first 5 star hotel in Nepal, established in 27th September, 1977. It is a traditional hotel with 270 rooms that offer best grade modern services. It has a ballroom and a casino along with the amenities of a swimming pool, spa, fitness center and hot tub. It offers a delectable course of food at its  restaurant and bar with room service available.