Apr 13, 2024

Nepal India BFSI Partnership Summit-2022 concludes

Nepal India BFSI Partnership Summit-2022 concludes

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: "Nepal India BFSI Partnership Summit-2022" was successfully concluded in Kathmandu on 25th of November under the initiative of Banking Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal Limited. With the purpose of discussing the issues of what kind of activities can be participated between the banks and financial institutions between Nepal and India, what are the problems in investment, remittance, trade, banking between the two countries and what policy reforms are needed to solve those problems, banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal and India-Nepal Center, PhD Chamber of Commerce India in collaboration with Nepal India BFSI Partnership Summit-2022 program has been completed.

The program was inaugurated by Mahaprasad Adhikari, Governor of Nepal National Bank. In his opening speech, Governor Adhikari said that in order to strengthen the economy of Nepal, export promotion should be emphasized. He was of the opinion that the liquidity shortage seen in Nepal and India for a short period of time will be resolved soon.

Similarly, he also urged the exchange of remittances between the two countries through formal channels. He said that the balance of payments is positive due to the increase in exports in the last 3 months.

India's BFSI expert Anukul Bhatnakar opined about the areas of cooperation and the development of technology and its impact on the financial sector.

Sushil Bhatt, Chief Executive Officer of Investment Board Nepal, gave a note speech regarding the investment environment in Nepal and the current investment. He highlighted the possibilities of investment.