Jun 17, 2024

Lumbini National Festival to start from December 9th

Lumbini National Festival to start from December 9th

BHAIRAHAWA, Nov 25: The 8th Lumbini National Festival is going to be held in Bhairahawa with the slogan 'Greater development of tourism, agriculture and industry, the basis of national prosperity'. Organizers of Siddharthnagar Industry and Commerce Association organized a press conference and informed that the fair will be held from December 9th to December 19th.

The president of the association, Bhishma Prasad Neupane, said that the fair was organized to inform the consumers about the comparative prices of goods available in the border market by making them aware of the consumption of indigenous, quality goods and services. In addition to this, Neupane says that the purpose of the fair is to increase economic activity in the current economic liquidity situation.

There will be 250 stalls in Lumbini festive, 2079, in which various industries and commercial establishments, local domestic and small industries, women entrepreneurs and businessmen will participate. Neupane said that visitors coming to the fair will be arranged to visit the archaeological tourist areas in Tilaurakot, Devdah, Ramgram related to Lumbini by making a special package.

"It is expected that there will be an increase in the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists from the festival and participation from the Indian border cities as well", said Neupane, who is also the coordinator of the main committee organizing the fair, "It is believed that tourism promotion and economic activities will continue."

Thakur Kumar Shrestha, the senior vice president of the association, informed that the festival will be a direct meeting between consumers, producers and farmers, agricultural products produced in this area, fish and products produced from cottage, domestic and national level industries of this region will be presented.

About 250,000 spectators are expected to watch the 10-day fair, Shrestha said. He says that this will lead to more economic activities from the festival .

The Lumbini Tourism Festive has been held at Bhairahawa for two years since the year 2061 under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Neupane, president of the association, said that although it could not be continued due to the earthquake, Madhes movement and last year's covid, it will be continued in the coming days.

The entry fee of the fair which will be conducted at Anchalpur in Bhairahawa has been fixed at Rs. 50. According to the organizers, only Rs 30 will be charged from the students.