Apr 13, 2024

NASA Gives Away Athletes Awards

NASA Gives Away Athletes Awards

KATHMANDU, Nov 24: Nepal Automobile Association (NASA) has given awards to the players and team members who competed from Nepal in the World Motor Sports Championship-2022.

Nepal participated for the first time in the competition of the Olympic format held in Marseille, France on October 26.

Players Anil Kumar Baral, Diprash Shakya and Jiswan Tuladhar and Yaduram Lamichhane and Srijan Baral were honored with awards and certificates on behalf of the sports management.

Around 1000 players from 90 countries of the world were present in the game, the participating players from Nepal marched waving flag of Nepal.

In the competition organized by the International Federation of Motor Sports (FIA), team captain Anil Kumar Baral and player Jiswan Tuladhar were in auto slalom, while another player Diprash Shakya competed in Karting Slalom .

Despite the lack of physical infrastructure and adequate training, NASA President Dashrath Risal informed that the athletes were honored for representing the country at the international level through motorsports. He expressed his happiness saying that it is a matter of pride to compete in a competition like the World Cup.