Dec 03, 2022

Tourist increase in Lumbini

Tourist increase in Lumbini

BHAIRAHAWA, Nov 24: Lumbini which was deserted last year due to Covid-19, has started to see an increase in tourist traffic this year with the start of the season. With the beginning of the month of October, the influx of domestic and foreign tourists has increased the activity of the Lumbini area.

Haridhwaj Rai, Head of Information and Public Relations of Lumbini Development Trust informed that there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists till the same month of this year compared to October of last year.

According to the trust, two lakh 89 thousand 695 people visited Lumbini domestic and intenational till October 2021, and by October 2022 the number of tourists has increased to six lakh 26 thousand 452. According to public relations chief Rai, 605 passport-holding tourists visited Lumbini till October last year, and 13,166 in 2022. Similarly, 18 thousand 668 Indian tourists came last year, this year this number has increased to 149 thousand 609 people. Chief Rai said that it was natural that there were fewer tourists visiting Lumbini due to the corona pandemic last year, but this year, as the risk of Covid has decreased, the number of foreign tourists coming to Lumbini has gradually increased.

Lumbini is also a major destination for domestic rather than foreign tourists. Last year, 270 thousand 422 Nepali tourists visited Lumbini even during the Covid pandemic. According to the statistics of Lumbini Development Fund, 463 thousand 677 people visited almost twice this year till the month of October.

Since the last week of October, the study observation tour team of students from various schools and colleges has started to have a large presence. Apart from that, many schools and colleges of India's Uttar Pradesh also come to visit Lumbini.

Tourists are attracted by Mayadevi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, Holy Pushkarani Kund, national and Foreign Viharas, Vishwa Shanti Deep viewing and boat trip on Central Canal. Along with Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, Tilaurakot, Devdah and Ramgram areas connected to the Buddha Circuit can also be visited.