Oct 02, 2023

IME largest tax payer amongst remittance companies

IME largest tax payer amongst remittance companies

KATHMANDU, Nov 23:IME Ltd has been awarded by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for paying highest amount of tax amongst the remittance companies in the last Fiscal Year 2020/2021(2077/78 BS).
IME Group President Chandra Prasad Dhakal received the award during a special ceremony organized by the Inland Revenue Department on the occasion of National Tax Day 2079 in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Established in 2001, IME has been playing a leading role in institutionalizing the entire remittance sector of Nepal.

The company said, "The main credit goes to IME for initiating the process of bringing foreign currency into Nepal through the banking network." In recognition of this, IME has been honored with various national and international awards.

IME, which is preparing to go to IPO, has been honored several times before as the company that pays the highest tax.