Dec 03, 2022

Calibration flight starts at Pokhara International Airport

Calibration flight starts at Pokhara International Airport

POKHARA, Nov 21: Calibration flight has started at Pokhara Regional International Airport from today.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has said that the Aero Thai aircraft has started calibration flight for a week from today.

According to CAAN, Aero Thai will conduct a mechanical test flight of the airport from today November 21 to November 27.

Aero Thai flies a maximum of six hours a day. In the mechanical test of the new airport, 4 technologies and equipment will be tested, said Binesh Munakarmi, the head of the airport project.

According to him, during this period, the airport's DIVOR, ILS, DMI and PAPI tests are conducted.

After the calibration flight of Pokhara Airport is over, the flying company will submit the report.

Based on the same report, a test flight is conducted at the new airport. After the successful test flight report, the companies will get permission for international commercial flights at the airport.

The government has already decided to start commercial flights at Pokhara International Airport from January 1, 2023 .

Buddha Air is preparing to make its first flight from Pokhara to Banaras, India, after the airport becomes operational.