Dec 03, 2022

World Travel Market 2022 Concludes at UK, Nepal's participates

World Travel Market 2022 Concludes at UK, Nepal's participates

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: The World Travel Market 2022, considered the world's largest tourism fair, has been Concluded in the UK.

The Nepal Tourism Board has said that Nepal's participation in this WBTM, which was organized after the pandemic of Covid-19, will help in the revival of tourism.

Under the leadership of the Nepal Tourism Board, 24 different tourism companies of Nepal participated in the WBTM.

Nepal's stall at WTM was inaugurated on November 7th to 9th by Nepali Ambassador to UK Gyan Chandra Acharya.

Ambassador Acharya visited each participating company in the Nepal stall and encouraged all the participating companies to do their best to promote Nepal.

Likewise, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board Dr. Dhananjay Regmi said that the fair was completed enthusiastically and it will play a positive role in promoting tourism in post-Covid Nepal. .

Nepal has participated in various programs even after the Covid-19 pandemic. Although this market is different from others, the participation of Nepali businessmen in the private sector has given them the opportunity to renew old business contacts and establish new business partnerships. It is believed that this will help Nepal's tourism to return to its former glory," he said.

WTM includes all types of tourism suppliers from around the world and national and international tourism organizations, ministries of tourism, authorities, travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, travel tech companies, transport operators, airliners, adventure sports companies, media, travel influencers, bloggers, tourism marketing consultants, tourism Experts, academics, businessmen enthusiastically participated in the show by displaying their tourism products.