Dec 03, 2022

National Life Insurance three-day program completed

National Life Insurance three-day program completed

KATHMANDU, Nov 08: National Life Insurance Company has completed a three-day 'Leader's Night with Paras Khadka' program for its executives. The company held the program at Chandragiri Hills in Kathmandu from 5th to 7th of November.

According to the company, the program was organized with the aim of interviewing the former captain of the national cricket team, Paras Khadka, who is also the brand ambassador of the company, and who is successful in achieving the target under the agent scheme run in July 2019 for the agents working in the company.

Khadka, who was also the chief guest in the program presided over by the company's chief executive officer, Suresh Prasad Khatri, inaugurated the program by lighting a lamp in Panas. Motivational trainer Saurabh Lohani provided training on sales motivation and skill development in the program in which about hundred senior agents who were selected for the scheme by doing excellent business participated.

Likewise, honors were given to the actors who participated in the program by fulfilling the set goals and appreciating their hard work. Khadka, the chief guest of the program and the company's brand ambassador, congratulated the actors saying that he was very happy to be associated with National Life Insurance Company and interviewed the respected business leaders in the program.