Dec 03, 2022

12th AGM of Gurans Life Insurance concluded

12th AGM of Gurans Life Insurance concluded

KATHMANDU, Oct 24: The 12th Annual General Meeting of Gurans Life Insurance has been completed. The meeting was held in the capital on Friday through the physical and Zoom of the shareholders.

The general meeting has discussed and passed the annual report, and also passed the accounts, profit, loss, balance sheet, financial statement for the end of June 2077 along with the auditor's report.

The assembly has also passed the proposal to appoint an auditor for FY 2077/78 and set his remuneration. The Assembly has approved the draft of the preliminary agreement regarding merger/amalgamation of Union Life and Prime Life with Gurans Life.

The Board of Directors has approved the work done for the same merger. The assembly has also passed a resolution to appoint appraisers, consultants and auditors to assess the assets and liabilities of the company, to determine their remuneration, to approve the proposal to merge with each other, to appoint risk assessors and to determine their remuneration.

Similarly, the assembly has passed a resolution to hand over all the authority for the merger work to the board of directors. It has approved various proposals including the proposed 7.44 percent bonus share from the last financial year's profit and 0.39171 percent cash dividend for tax purposes.