Dec 12, 2023

Ten companies applied to Cutting of Rithepani Hill

Ten companies applied to Cutting of Rithepani Hill


POKHARA, Oct 16: Ten companies have applied for cutting the Rithepani hill next to the Pokhara International Airport, which is in the final stage of construction. Spokesperson Jagannath Niraula said that Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) plans to select a suitable company within the next three weeks and proceed with the hill cutting work.

The tender has been opened. After the evaluation, we will soon proceed with the hill cutting work,' said spokesperson Niraula.

The soil extracted from this hill cutting will be used to restore the existing landfill site, said Binesh Munankarmi, the project head. He informed that there is a plan to cut a 14-meter hill in the first phase for the flight calibration of this airport.

He informed that CAAN has planned to complete the hill cutting work within the coming November.

Flight calibration is mandatory for international flights. For that, cutting a 14 meters hill is considered to be enough. Within a month of starting, the work of cutting 14 meters of hills will be completed. Flight calibration will be done in November itself,' said Munankarmi, the project chief.

The airport is being built with Chinese loan investment. It is said that flights up to the narrowbody series will be operated at this airport, which has a total cost of 22 billion rupees. It is believed that regional level airlines will connect to this airport for service operation.