Jul 15, 2024

Pragya Khanal: A successful woman standing out in the field of Hospitality

Pragya Khanal: A successful woman standing out in the field of Hospitality

Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care. Pragya Khanal is an accomplished woman in her field at an age of 24. She was brought up in a caring family. Her job is basically to bring income to the hotel that she is working on. She is in a successful spot in the hotel which is impressive to say the least.

She was always a dreamer. She wanted to become a pilot so that she could roam the world but certain circumstances did not let her become one. After that she realized she didn't fit in any sector except being a pilot so she consulted with her Dad. Her Dad told her that you are not meant to fit in but you are meant to stand out. Those words touched her heart and she changed her mind. Her family suggested that she could try something in the hospitality sector as her nature was caring and comforting.

So listening to her family’s suggestion she did her +2 and bachelor in hotel management. During her study she went to Thailand as an intern and was in a good property where she could learn and develop her skills as there were many opportunities there. Lucky she was in the service department and the resident manager of the hotel she was in asked her if she was free as her English was good and she could handle the guest relations. Her team helped her to grow and offered a job in Thailand but she rejected that offer as she wanted to do something in her motherland. She thought of going to London or Australia to further her studies but her bachelor teacher suggested going to go in an interview in a hotel for a job. She was suggested to go to Dalia and she did not think about getting the job but she went there and did the interview. In the interview she was asked “What is OTE?” and she responded that she did not know the answer. Her curiosity got to her as she did not know what that meant so she said that she wanted to know what it meant. That was the end of the interview which was the shortest that anyone would ever have. After 2-3 days she was contacted by Daila that she got the job.

 She was surprised because she was not asked about her GPA or about hospitality or anything else except for the question “What is OTE?” which she didn't know the answer for afterwards she asked why she was accepted for the job. They said that Daila does not take the traditional approach, they gave her the job because admitting that you do not know something and wanted to learn what it was gave the idea that she had the confidence that the hotel was looking for. She realized that in any organization for you to get a job or anything more than knowledge your positive attitude determines the outcome of getting the job.

After hearing her story and her success I got to interview her and the following are the questions along with her answers.
●  Would you encourage anyone to go to this stream?
She answered “Yes I would. If anyone is having difficulty choosing then they can take someone's consultation but they will not regret it because hospitality comes from the heart. There are many opportunities in hospitality like you can take the front desk job if you want to interact with people if not there are departments like cooking, housekeeping, financial.”

● As you said that your friends are out of the country working, would you like to go there and work there instead of here?
She answered “ Yes, but as I wondered by going to a developed country anyone can develop but in a developing country like Nepal there are many things that you can learn and experience.”