Jul 14, 2024

Everest Tea Garden: Small Illam of Nepal

Everest Tea Garden: Small Illam of Nepal

Bhotechor is a village of Sindupalchok district. Bhotechor, one of the most popular places for tea garden and travel destination is located nearby Kathmandu valley. Tea garden also known as Everest tea garden is located in Hibug village Melamchi, Municipality-2. Everest tea garden also called “Small Illam”. The garden was first started by Som Prasad Gauchan back in 1996. The company is the process of getting organic certification and environment impact assessment said Mohan Giri, operator of the tea garden.

According to the tea garden estate field in charge Raj Kumar Khatiwala, they are researching organic tea as well. The company also plans to develop the Melamchi as a tourist centre by opening home stay nearby tea garden. They are also planning to open school in the area which has been undeveloped after massive earthquake in 2015. When you visit the tea garden, you can enjoy the beauty of nature surrounded by mountains.

Bhotechor is also famous for the Shiva mandir which is called Kundeshow. There is small population of people living in Bhotechor. Recently, tea garden provides employment to 70 people. There are also facilities of hotels in the Bhotechor area. One can also visit Bhotechor for hiking and picnic. The people of the area are very welcoming and humble.

Text/Photo By: Sulav Kumari Singh