Jul 13, 2024

CAAN started Nalinchowk Helipad in Bhaktapur into operation

CAAN started Nalinchowk Helipad in Bhaktapur into operation

KATHMANDU, June 23:The helipad constructed in Nalinchowk in Bhaktapur has become operational.

The helipad constructed to manage air traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport went into operation on Friday.

During the helipad's inauguration, Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Hit Bahadur Tamang stated that the helipad will help manage Tribhuvan International Airport's flight pressure.

"This helipad is relevant in the context that the international airport is becoming narrow and the number of planes and helicopters is also increasing," he said.

This helipad, built by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), will be extremely beneficial to the eastern districts. It also has a multidimensional meaning.

Pradip Adhikari, director general of the CAAN, stated that the helipad's operation will benefit in the management of Tribhuvan International Airport's flight pressure.

He also stated that, in addition to managing flight pressure, the helicopter service provider companies will be able to deliver the service more readily, and the local community will benefit as well.

The effort to expand Tribhuvan Airport is now underway. He stated that the helipad in Nalinchok will make it more convenient, as expansion work is currently underway in the helicopter parking area.

According to the CAAN, having the helipad operational will make it easier to manage the international airport's flight pressure. According to Binayak Bhattarai, a civil engineer with the CAAN, four helicopters can land on the helipad, which can accommodate 17 helicopters.

An area of 33 ropani in Nalinchowk, Suryabinayak Municipality-10, has been constructed into a helipad.

According to the CAAN, the helipad was completed at a cost of approximately 110 million rupees. According to the CAAN, the country now has approximately 40 helicopters operated by 12 helicopter service providers.