Jul 13, 2024

Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal welcomed and honored the CDO and SP of Kaski

Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal welcomed and honored the CDO and SP of Kaski

POKHARA, June 19:The Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal has hosted a program on Monday to welcomed Kaski's newly appointed Chief District Officer (CDO), Bharatmani Pandey, and to honored Kaski Police Chief Superintendent of Police, Mohan Kumar Thapa.

Police Chief Thapa has been honored for his significant contributions to suppressing various issues while ensuring peace and security in the district. Laxman Subedi, president of the association, recalled that Thapa, as chief of police, had suppressed the gangs that were unlawfully skirting tourists entering Pokhara and harassing them.

On that occasion, President Subedi stated that there is a network of hotel associations in all 77 districts of seven provinces, that the association has committees at the provincial level, and that hotels are the largest tourism sector in terms of investment. He also mentioned that just five trillion rupees have been invested in the hotel industry in and around Pokhara.

Speaking at the event, CDO Pandey assured that the police administration will move forward while considering the security of the entire district, including the tourism sector, as well as consumer rights and interests. He stated that the police administration will work closely with businessmen to accomplish this.

Superintendent of Police Thapa stated that Kaski Police is continuing its effort against various sins. He also stated that those who leave clubs and discos late at night or early in the morning with bottles of beer and liquor will face punishment. He praised the association for honoring him in this process, stating that he conducted his job honestly.

On the occasion of the event, the association's advisers and officials proposed that with the declaration of Pokhara as the tourist capital, a 41-point code of conduct be followed and monitoring be carried out to manage such businesses in the context of being allowed to open 24 hours a day.

On that occasion, it was also suggested that the Chief District Officer be aware of undesired activities in tourist flats, tackle the problem of unorganized parking, and hold monthly all-party meetings to listen to the problems, complaints, and ideas of citizens and companies.

When Indian tourists arrive in Pokhara from the border crossing, they are subjected to harassment owing to random checks and municipal buses parking, and the no-horn law is not successfully implemented in Pokhara, according to merchants.

Bharatraj Parajuli, HAN's central member and former president of the Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal, Hari Prasad Sharma Gaihre, HAN Gandaki's president, Bachuram Tiwari, Mehrman Shrestha, Vice President Ganeshraj Pahari, and Netra Prasad Poudel, the association's treasurer, all provided comments and suggestions during the program.

Rajendra Dhakal, the association's general secretary, conducted the program.