Jul 13, 2024

JK Tyre unveils two new off-road tyres in Nepal

JK Tyre unveils two new off-road tyres in Nepal

KATHMANDU:JK Tyre & Industries, India's leading tyre industry, has launched two new Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres to its portfolio, specifically developed for the Nepalese market. With the launch of the Hard Rock Champion tyre and a variant of the GTL Plus, JK Tyre has reinforced its commitment to driving innovation in the country.

Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India) of JK Tyre, showcased the next-generation tyres at the special Mining & Construction Pavilion of M/s Delta Distributor Pvt Ltd, the authorized distributor in Kathmandu.

Talking about the new products, Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President (India), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. said, “At JK Tyre, we are excited to introduce two new heavy-duty OTR tyres tailored for the demanding Nepalese market. Nepal is a key market for us, and addressing the diverse needs of this region is a top priority. These tyres are engineered to handle various terrains, providing exceptional durability and reliability. We are confident that these advanced solutions will deliver unparalleled performance to our customers. Our dedication to technological advancements and product innovation will further solidify our market position."

The newly introduced tyres are designed specifically to meet the demanding conditions of Nepal to provide extra durability and protection. 

JK Tyre’s Next-Gen Premium Mining Tyre, 12.00-20 20PR E4 HARD ROCK Champion, is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of mining operations in Nepal. The tyre's non-directional tread pattern and dual-bend groove are meant to reduce stress concentration and offer superior traction to the machine. These tyres are designed for Mining tipper applications and engineered to offer superior performance.

The company also introduced the 17.5–25 20PR GTL Plus E3/L3 tyres for use with graders and loaders in various construction applications. The GTL Plus is renowned for its robust nylon construction, which offers remarkable casing strength and dependability under impact loads.