Jul 13, 2024

Competition between five companies in ground handling of GBIA

Competition between five companies in ground handling of GBIA

KATHMANDU, June 15:There will be a competition between five companies for ground handling at Gautam Buddha International Airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is preparing to provide professional ground handling by competing with companies that have secured international flight permits from Nepal.

According to the decision of the CAAN Board of Directors, the authority will provide ground handling services on the condition that Gautam Budh International Airport will be established as the operating base and regular flight services will be started.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is currently responsible for commercial ground operations at the airport. In addition to NAC, Himalaya Airlines, Buddha Air, Shree Airlines, and Yeti Airlines can now compete.

"Proposals will be invited from the Nepali airlines operating organizations that have received international flight permits and certificates from the CAAN," according to the notification released by the CAAN.

Himalaya Airlines, which operates regular international flights from Nepal, wanted to use Gautam Buddha Airport's ground handling service.

The CAAN has also stated that it will provide ground handling services to the private sector.