Jul 13, 2024

A study of trekking route's feasibility to reach Ganesh Himal Base Camp

A study of trekking route's feasibility to reach Ganesh Himal Base Camp

GORKHA, June 10:The feasibility of a trekking route to the Ganesh Himal base camp in Chumanubri rural municipality in the northern region of Gorkha has been studied.

Sane Bahadur Gurung, head of the Dharche Manaslu Tourism Development Committee, stated that a preliminary study had been conducted to identify a trekking route to Ganesh Himal's base camp in the hopes of promoting tourism.

He stated that a team of infrastructure development consultants and local stakeholders studied the feasibility of the trekking route, which reached a height of around 4,810 meters.

He stated that more research needs to be done on the sources of drinking water because there are areas along the possible trekking route where there is a drinking water shortage.

The feasibility study for the Ganesh Himal trekking route had been completed to Dharche in 2079, but work on Chumnubri had not been completed; this time, the preliminary study work has been completed, according to President Gurung.

The study also looked into safe camping spots for travelers to stay along the trekking route, as well as dangerous areas.

It is expected to take around a week to complete the Ganesh Himal trek between Dharche and Chumanubri.

Chairman Gurung stated that the team studied the trekking route from Salleri, Pati to Dewal, Dongkarchet, Langtakhark, and Bhimathangkhola to the Ganesh Himal base camp.

"During the study, it has been found that signboards should be placed on the trekking route and bridges should be built at three places," he stated.