Jun 20, 2024

Global IME Bank customers to get 15% discount on Daraz

Global IME Bank customers to get 15% discount on Daraz

KATHMANDU:Global IME Bank has re-announced plans to offer up to a 15% discount to cardholders when purchasing goods online from Daraz. 

Customers can save up to 15% on online purchases made with Global IME Bank's Visa debit or credit card. 

According to the bank, this scheme will be operative for three months beginning Jestha13th (May 26th). 

The bank's debit card users will receive a 10% discount,or up to Rs 500, while credit card users will receive a 15% discount, or up to Rs 750. 

This discount will be available on up to 10 purchases per month throughout the plan period. 

Global IME Bank has partnered with the Daraz Online Store to launched special schemes for debit and credit card users. 

This discount plan has been revived due to the high level of engagement witnessed over the preceding three months.

By focusing customer convenience, the bank has introduced time-specific schemes to benefit its customer base.

The bank operates 354 branch offices, 379 ATMs, 277 branchless banking services, 68 extension and revenue collection counters, and three international representative offices, serving over 1,100 service centers.