Jun 20, 2024

Everest Hotel submits its EIA report

Everest Hotel submits its EIA report

KATHMANDU, May 20:The Everest Hotel, which was not recognized as a five-star hotel because it did not submit the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, has now submitted the report.

The report presented to the Ministry of Forestry and Environment has been released for comments and suggestions.

This hotel, which has been in business since 2038 BS in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, was not included in the Department of Tourism's list of five-star hotels because it failed to submit an EIA report.

This hotel was recognized five stars in 2042 BS. This hotel's structure suffered significant damage as a result of the 12 Baisakh 2072 Bs earthquake. Then the hotel was closed. The Everest Hotel reopened on 12 Ashoj 2076 BS, following repairs. According to the report, The Everest Hotel  has no intentions to build any new structures.

There was no provision for environmental research during the hotel's operation. The Environmental Protection Act took effect in 2053. This made environmental impact assessments necessary for hotels and resorts with more than 100 bedrooms. However, structures that were in operation prior to 2053 BS were not obligatory. The Department of Tourism issued a notice on 10 Falgun 2074 BS, making EIA required for all new and old hotels. After that, even the oldest hotels were required to do EIA.

The Everest Hotel has 160 rooms and 252 beds. According to the assessment, this hotel, which covers an area of 13 ropani 7 anas, utilizes 275,000 liters of underground water every day. According to the rules, EIA should be performed when developing and operating buildings that consume more than 20,000 liters of subterranean water per day.