Jun 20, 2024

Santosh Shah starts 'Mithila Thali' in Jhamsikhel

Santosh Shah starts 'Mithila Thali' in Jhamsikhel

KATHMANDU:In Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Chef Santosh Shah has introduced 'Mithila Thali,' to promote Mithila food and culture. With a around 5 million rupee investment, he co-founded the Mithila Thali restaurant with Dai Dilip and Chef Laxman.

Shah launched Mithila Thali in Janakpur on June 6 last year. He said that Mithila Thali was also started in Jhamsikhel exactly one year after that. "Mithila Thali has been launched to promote Mithila food and art-culture," he declared. He claimed that since he was a young child, he has enjoyed Mithila cuisine and culture and is currently working to promote it.

They combined twelve varieties under Mithila thali, such as rice, taruwa, tilauri, salad, and ghee roti. This restaurant also serves tawa fish from Janakpur. According to Dilip, that in Jhamsikhel of Mithila thali, it will cost Rs 500 and Janakpur Rs 300.  The restaurant is decorated with various types of Mithila art.