Jul 13, 2024

HAN objected to hotel monitoring

HAN objected to hotel monitoring

KATHMANDU, April 20:The Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has attention Industry Minister Damodar Sharma regarding the Commerce, Supply, and Consumer Protection Department's monitoring and action at a star hotel.

According to the memorandum submitted by HAN's team to the minister on Thursday, hotels that operate in full compliance with the state's laws and regulations have been punished and fined in the name of monitoring, and negative news such as the presence of inedible items in star hotels will send a negative message to the national tourism industry globally, lowering the dignity of Nepal's tourism promotion. 

They said that the tourism business has suffered as a result of the department's own announcement. Han also praised the government's inspections and surveillance. According to HAN's statement, "to make it effective, not only in a single way, but in coordination with the relevant agencies, this work will be long-term, and the operation of hotels, including international chains and brands, will also be done through a systematic process, so that expired goods are not used in the food consumed by consumers, but are directly sent to the supplier company." It has been returned for questioning.'

According to the team led by Binayak Shah, the government's operations should not be propaganda-oriented, but should be limited to the case currently standing in court. He stated that as a result of such actions, negative news has spread throughout the international community that Nepal is a storehouse of non-food products, potentially canceling the bookings of foreign tourists visiting Nepal.

The hoteliers have also demanded that such promotional actions not be repeated, as they will have a bad impact on the upcoming investment conference, as well as Nepal's tourism development and system.

HAN stated that at the meeting, Bhandari assured the rightful demand by accompanying the secretaries.