May 25, 2024

Izakaya Hokkaido: Taste of Japan sourced from Nepal

Izakaya Hokkaido: Taste of Japan sourced from Nepal

KATHMANDU, April 06:Izakaya Hokkaido, the ultimate fusion of the authentic taste of Japan along with Nepali raw materials, begins its service on the premises of Radisson Hotel Lazimpat. This latest addition from the Hokkaido Nepal Business Group (HNBG) offers classic 'Washouku' dishes infused with Nepali flavors, sourcing raw materials locally.

From the delicate flavors of sushi to the crispy perfection of tempura, Izakaya Hokkaido tantalizes taste buds with every bite. Dive into steaming bowls of rich ramen or savor smoky yakitori skewers, each dish crafted to showcase the essence of Japanese cuisine. Along with the delectable dishes, the 15% discount, makes the experience worth it!

Arjun Adhikari, president of HNBG, reflected on his journey since 2001 in Japan and highlighted the pivotal role of the Hokkaido Ramen House, the group's inaugural venture at Park Village Hotel. Adhikari outlined three key strategies: increasing local production, nurturing entrepreneurs, and importing external knowledge and technology, which are essential to improving the economic and human development of Nepal.

Despite challenges like taxation and skilled manpower, the group remains committed to offering affordable dining experiences without compromising quality. The prices are lower than back in

Japan due to local sourcing while quality control is being done by following guidelines by Japanese experts. He highlighted the group's investment in staff training to ensure the authenticity and safety of each dish. His final aim is to produce dishes sourced from the Nepali market that are indistinguishable from dishes in Japan.

(HNBG) is a leading entity in Nepal's culinary scene, specializing in Japanese cuisine. It includes Hokkaido Ramen House, Dekkaido Farm House, Omakase, Izakaya Hokkaido, Hokkaido House, Hokkaido Bento House, and Hokkaido QX (located at Labim Mall Pulchowk and Lee Sherpa Kathmandu) under its umbrella. Each of these establishments reflects HNBG's dedication to showcasing the rich flavors of Japan while incorporating locally sourced ingredients.