Jun 20, 2024

Management contract doesn't mean privatization of NAC: Tourism Minister Tamang

Management contract doesn't mean privatization of NAC: Tourism Minister Tamang

KATHMANDU, April 02: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Hit Bahadur Tamang has said the concept for management contract of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is not about its privatization.     

In a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, the Minister said, "The management contract does not mean the sale. The Ministry intends to introduce existing good practices in civil aviation at the NAC just for a gist transformation of the entity. Before deciding on the matter, it will be floated for wider discussions."     

The affairs of NAC are a matter of public concern for it being a public entity and any move from the government regarding it will be guided by the interests of the nation, according to him.     

 The Minister was responding to concerns from lawmaker Prem Suwal who asked the Ministry about the reason behind the process of implementing the management contract in NAC instead of focusing on addressing corruption and other irregularities in the organization.     

The Minister expressed commitment to taking measures against reported anomalies within the NAC.     

The Ministry is proceeding ahead with the reforms of the national flag-carrier through institutional corrections and its professional development, connecting it to the development of tourism. Various committees have been formed to take submissions towards that end, according to him.     

"The NAC is functioning within the limitations of its jurisdictions as a public entity," he said, adding that its affairs are transparent and aligned with the law.     

The Ministry is crystal clear that the sale of air tickets on a black market is not entertained and any wrongdoing is legally punishable, according to the Minister.